7 Tips for not Gaining Weight During the Holidays

7 Tips for not Gaining Weight During the Holidays

Everyone knows that the holidays are a time for catching up with family and friends, enjoying the beautiful decorations, and of course eating some delicious meals. In fact, the Thanksgiving and Christmas feasts are often so irresistible that people struggle to avoid putting on weight. For those who struggle with their weight, here are some holiday tips to help keep that weight to a minimum.

1. Do not Arrive Hungry

Everyone knows that shopping hungry is a bad idea and this is just as true for meals as it is for the grocery cart. Medical research has demonstrated that arriving for a meal starving causes people to overeat. Therefore, try to have a snack or drink some water before sitting down for a meal. This will help fill up the stomach prior to the main course.

2. Take your Time

Some people try to cram in food in a limited period of time. What this means is that people chew faster and wind up eating more in the long run due to the rapid pace. While enjoying the holiday feast, try to put the fork down in between bites. This will help the mind pace the body.

3. Avoid Alcohol

While alcohol is a social lubricant, it also removes inhibitions. People who drink alcohol wind up being unable to curtail their eating and end up ingesting too much food. For people who need to keep their hands occupied, water or club soda will do the trick. Keeping the alcohol to a minimum will help people remain in control.

4. Try not to Taste while Cooking

Everyone knows that the smells of a brewing meal will tempt the taste buds; however, people do not realize how many tastes they have actually taken and can eat an entire meal before the food is even served. It can be hard to avoid, but do not taste the meal during the cooking process.

5. Small Plates are Key

Psychologically, everyone tries to eat the food that is placed in front of them. If this is a large plate, people try to be polite and finish their food. Therefore, using a smaller plate will help to convince the mind that the stomach is full even though a smaller amount of food has been consumed. Use a small plate to control an appetite.

6. Walking Burns Calories

The brisk fall and winter weather is a perfect time to go for a walk with the family. Maybe pick a destination in mind and enjoy catching up with family and friends during the process. Walking benefits people both physically and mentally because it engages the mind and helps to burn calories. Start a new tradition this year and burn some calories in the process.

7. Add Conjugated Linoleic Acid to the Diet

Conjugated Linoleic Acid, or CLA, is a strong antioxidant and fatty acid that can help people lose weight. It causes people to ramp up their metabolism and burn fat. This is a nutrient that exists naturally in foods and will help to shrink fat cells and increase the body's metabolism while also helping to curb an appetite. With numerous benefits, people who need help controlling their weight or just looking to not gain during the holidays should consider CLA and the dietary benefits it provides.

Controlling weight around the holidays is a major challenge; however, there are numerous tips and tricks that people can try to limit their weight gain while preserving the holiday cheer. Try some of the tips on this lists and see how far a little extra effort to can carry someone.