Flaxseed Oil and Linseed Oil: What’s the Difference?

Flaxseed Oil and Linseed Oil: What’s the Difference?

Flaxseed is the seed of the Flax plant, Linum usitatissimum. When the oils from the seed are extracted, they are referred to as flaxseed oil, explains MedlinePlus. In fact, the applications of flaxseed extend beyond health care uses.

For example, flaxseed may be used for constipation, in cooking oils and margarine, and in a variety of paints, linoleum, soaps, and varnishes. Furthermore, flaxseed oil may be used to make materials waterproof, which poses great implications for the construction industry. Now, when was the last time you saw a big bottle of flaxseed oil sitting on the shelf at your local construction store?

If this question confused you, it's probably because you did not know what flaxseed oil meant when compared to linseed oil. We're going to compare each of them below now. If you'd like to bypass that whole process, you can check out the flax seed pills that we manufacture. 

What Is Linseed Oil?

Dietary supplements are not considered a medication under the FDA's guidelines. However, flaxseed oil used in other foods, such as margarine and in cooking oil, does fall within the FDA's jurisdiction. Linseed oil is simply a term used to denote flaxseed oil that should not be consumed by humans. Linseed oil would be the type of flaxseed oil used in a construction store and construction applications.

Is Flaxseed Oil a Supplement or a Food?

Since you will never see a supplement under the term linseed oil, flaxseed supplements are capsules of concentrated flaxseed oil that have not been extensively processed for the use in cooking oils and foods. In most cases, flaxseed in cooking oil form is used due to its high smoking point.

Unfortunately, oils with a high smoking point are usually used for one purpose:  frying.  Since the oil can be heated to a high temperature, foods can be deep fried quicker without obtaining a burning taste. However, fried foods may contain many other unhealthy fats beyond those transferred in the frying process, and using oil from flaxseed to fry may not necessarily be a healthier alternative to a baked item.

If you have previously tried to figure out the difference between linseed oil and flaxseed, you may have gotten lost. Both substances derived from the flax seed, and it can be easy to mistake one substance for the other. However, linseed oil may contain harsh chemicals and other components, such as tints for paint. Basically, flaxseed is for consumption, and linseed oil is for construction.