Gain Shining Hair with Krill Oil

Gain Shining Hair with Krill Oil

We've been actively researching the impact that omega-3 fatty acids have on the condition of hair. Many people spend hours every single day trying to achieve perfect looking hair, nails, and skin. Adding in a supplement or two might be the answer, at least to your hair problem.

Beautiful Shining Hair with Omega 3s

Having beautiful, shining hair remains one of the most highly sought after features of health and beauty.

Unfortunately, premature hair loss, the discoloration of the hair, and reduction in hair quality account are many complaints to physicians around the country.

Furthermore, hundreds, if not thousands, of different products exist to help grow hair naturally. Yet, many of these products rely on synthetic chemicals and potentially harmful compounds in the pursuit of better hair quality.

In reality, the solution to poor hair quality may rest in preventing nutritional deficiencies, especially omega-3 deficiencies.

Take a look at some of the ways krill oil may be linked to better, stronger, and healthier hair.

Stress, Your Hair, and Omega-3s

If you ask anyone who is stressed, you will probably hear how they suffer from premature aging and discoloration or greying, of the hair.  

According to the National Center for Complementary and Integrative Health, omega-3 fatty acids have been shown to have beneficial effects in reducing inflammation and anxiety in otherwise healthy individuals.

Specifically, the participants in the study were asked to take an omega-3 fatty acid supplement for 12 weeks, and anxiety symptoms were reduced by nearly 20 percent.

Furthermore, the indicators of inflammation in blood test results suggest participants taking the omega-3 supplement did not suffer from unaccounted inflammation.

In other words, the only instances of inflammation were when a significant medical or personal injury had occurred.  

Essentially, the correlation between reduced stress and omega-3s seems evident. Therefore, problems with hair quality from stress may be able to be reduced through the use of an omega-3 supplement.

Omega-3s and Thinning Hair

Similar to nails, hair is comprised of keratin which when healthy creates shining hair. When the hair lacks proper nutrition, the keratin production in the hair is diminished.

In some cases, the missing nutrition may account for the premature death or diminished production of hair follicles, which results in thinning hair.

In the publication, a Double-Blind Placebo-Controlled Study Evaluating the Efficiency of an Oral Supplement in Women With Self-Perceived Thinning Hair, researchers found omega-3 supplementation appeared to help reduce worries about and actual thinning of the hair.

Those in the study were asked not to change their diet during evaluation, which ruled out other nutritional changes that may have contributed to stronger hair quality.

Moreover, the study suggests self-assessment of thinning hair was dramatically reduced when an omega-3 supplement had been taken in the majority of participants.

Protein Deficiency and Hair Loss

All hair is comprised of non-living cells with a distinct keratin matrix, and the originating cells were living at one point.

If any cell does not have an adequate supply of nutrients, such as amino acids, glucose, and keratin precursors, the cell would be incapable of maturing.

In the study, Nutritional Factors and Hair Loss, researchers found protein deficient diets seemed to contribute to premature hair loss.

Specifically, the levels of serum ferritin, a type of iron in the diet, seemed to be reduced in those with hair loss. Furthermore, those who had this reduced level of serum ferritin had a similar reduction in other protein involved nutrients.

All proteins are the result of a combination of amino acids.

When omega-3s are digested, the polyunsaturated fatty acid is converted to arachidonic acid. As a result, this type of amino acid may be used in the synthesis of proteins throughout the body, and some of these proteins may be a necessary component to the hair follicle.

Essentially, an individual can make that connection between omega-3 supplementation and protein availability for hair health.

Treating poor quality hair does not necessarily mean an individual must use expensive, potentially dangerous hair treatments and chemicals.

Certain chemicals, which may provide a healthy appearance initially, can actually strip the hair of nutrients and result in worse hair quality.

Consequently, addressing your hair quality and hair health should start by addressing the potential nutritional deficiencies in the body, and Omega-3 supplementation with krill oil may be the solution.

With Niveau Krill Oil shining hair is just one of the many benefits.

Lots of people have asked whether krill or salmon oil is better for your hair. The best advice that I can give to anyone wondering the same is to do research. The good news is that we've done most of it for you, taking the guessing game out of the equation. Check out some more of our posts for more information on the topic.