Krill Oil vs Salmon Oil

Krill Oil vs Salmon Oil

Ever wondered what the difference between krill oil and salmon oil is? Tell me the truth, you can't honestly say that this has never popped into your head before. That especially holds true if you're somewhat interested in trying out either one of these oils. The good news is that we're going to do our best to help you identify the difference between the two.

The Difference Between Krill Oil and Salmon Oil

One of the most important things that need to be included in our diet is omega 3 fatty acids, especially DHA (docosahexaenoic acid) and EPA (eicosapentaenoic acid). These are polyunsaturated fats that positively affect our health in many ways.

It’s hard to believe that, as important as they are to our health, omega 3 fatty acids cannot be created in the human body. We must obtain them through our diet. They are essential to the growth and development of our brain, improve communication between brain cells helping your brain sustain normal function, and maintain healthy eye function as you age.

The Advantages of Krill Oil

I may have mentioned this in another article but, Krill means “whale food” in Norwegian. They are small, shrimp-like crustaceans that live in our cold oceans and are eaten by whales, sharks, seals, and penguins. Krill oil is more expensive than fish oil because it costs more to harvest them. They must be kept alive until just before they are harvested because they start decomposing soon after they die.

One thing that causes many people to choose krill oil over fish oil is the fact that fish oil gives you fish burps and indigestion while krill oil does not. It contains a high concentration of both DHA and EPA but has a higher concentration of EPA.

The Advantages of Salmon Oil

Salmon oil also contains the essential fatty acids EPA and DHA. Pure salmon oil is better than the oil from other fish like tuna, sardines, herring, or mackerel because it has a higher concentration of omega 3s.

There are certain side effects that you should watch out for when taking highly concentrated salmon oil. It has been known to affect blood sugar levels which can cause your body to react negatively to diabetes medications. It has also been known to contain certain environmental toxins such as mercury. This is a risk with all fish oils but salmon oil has been found to have the highest amount of mercury.

Why Is Krill Oil Better Than Salmon Oil?

One of the main reasons why is due to the way it is processed in our bodies. See, krill oil makes omega 3s more present in cell membranes. This is where the fatty acids do their best work. This is because krill oil contains phospholipid omega 3s while salmon oil contains triglyceride omega 3s. The phospholipids increase the amount of astaxanthin in our bodies, which is a powerful antioxidant making krill oil more stable because it protects fragile fats from oxidizing. Astaxanthin is what gives krill their red color.

No matter which supplement you use, you should consult your physician before using it and ask them if it’s safe to take and what dosage is best for you. You should be especially cautious if you are taking medication. If you are taking medication that thins the blood, it could be dangerous. High doses of omega 3 fatty acids already make your blood thinner. Taking these supplements with medication could raise your risk of excessive bleeding.

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