Strengthen Nails from the Inside

Strengthen Nails from the Inside

Evidence from many different studies around the globe suggest the benefits of omega-3 supplementation outweigh the potential health consequences of consuming a diet high in seafood. When it comes to the nails, omega-3 supplementation may be able to help strengthen nails and improve the production of the cellular matrix, a precursor to the established nail, within the nail bed. Take a look at how krill oil could be a potential solution to weakened, brittle, and problematic conditions of the nails. To understand how this Omega can strengthen nails its important to look inside.

How Are Fingernails Formed?

Nail growth can be divided into three broad categories, explains Medscape. The initial area, or germinal matrix, is responsible for the creation of the ventral floor of the nail fold. Within this area, the new cells are formed through parakeratosis, which refers to the infusion of keratin into cellular tissue. As the individual cells push forward, the cells meet a resistance to the established nail. Therefore, the nail cells become elongated and flattened, which results in the characteristic shape of the nail.  However, some may argue the deficiency of certain nutrients does not necessarily equate to poor nail health.

Keratin Precursors and Omega-3s

Consider what makes up keratin. In the publication, Actin-Dependent Dynamics of Keratin Filament Precursors, researchers compiled evidence to suggest a deficiency of omega-3s may lead to reductions in the production of keratin precursors. As a result, formation of nails may not contain the proper level of keratin, which could be a contributing factor to brittle, weakened nails.

The Role of Nutrition to Strengthen Nails

The publication, Nutrition and Nail Disease, seems to indicate many different nutritional deficiencies may affect the growth of the nail in some form. Furthermore, nutritional supplementation, such as supplementation of omega-3s through krill oil, may be a solution to brittle nails syndrome. Some nail abnormalities, such as brittle nails, vertical ridges, or discoloration, may be common symptoms of aging. However, the poor health in the nails may actually indicate health problems within the body, explains Healthline. Furthermore, bleeding around the nail bed may indicate a deficiency of iron or omega-3s.

Fingernails and Indicators of Other Health Problems

Consistent spotting of the nail may indicate excess production of melanin or other compounds. In another condition, koilonychias, the fingernails may have raised ridges and appear to scoop outwards. This condition may indicate heart disease, liver problems, lupus erythematosus, hypothyroidism, and Raynaud's disease. With each of these conditions, some research, as exemplified in previous blog posts, suggests omega-3s can help each condition. The research around omega-3s for heart health has been further studied by the American Heart Association. Specifically, the American Heart Association recommends the consumption of omega-3 fatty acids in part of a heart healthy diet. Therefore, the nutritional benefits of omega-3s may have a consistent, positive effect on nail health.

The health of your fingernails is dependent on maintaining an overall degree of positive health. When your body does not have the necessary nutrients, you may notice changes in the appearance of your fingernails. If your physician has ruled out any underlying health problems, you may be able to improve the youthful, healthy appearance of fingernails through the use of an omega-3 supplement, such as Niveau products.