Our Story

Like our products, our story is as simple as it is complex. When we launched Niveau Labs in 2015, our goal was to create the highest quality supplement line on the market today -- a luxury collection that would transcend modern day beauty and wellness, and deliver unparalleled results from the inside out. Knowing that true change begins within, we set out to produce a product line that would promote health, well-being and lasting beauty from the cellular level, with our eyes firmly planted on creating meaningful, total body balance.

The name “Niveau” emerged from this commitment. French for level, “niveau” encompassed all we were trying to accomplish with our very first batch of supplements. Each product was designed to replace fundamental nutrients lost in today’s world, replenishing cells and ensuring a sense of harmony, balance, and level between the body and the brain. When this leveling occurs, the results speak for themselves. When this leveling occurs, we all achieve balance, beauty, and well-being.

Today Niveau Labs and our customers are thriving. What started as a desire to create the ultra high-quality supplements we were looking for has become a living, breathing movement, anchored in passion, quality, and commitment. It’s an approach we take not just in development and production but, also, as citizens of the world.

A portion of our proceeds are funneled directly to conservation efforts around the globe, helping maintain that critical sense of balance every day, in every way. Like our supplements, we believe in replenishing all that’s taken, and we seek to give back to the earth all it’s given to us.

Together, these commitments, components, and considerations are what fuels Niveau Labs. It’s a difference you can see, feel and experience. It’s a difference that’s in every jar and every soft gel. And it’s a difference that we’ll continue to infuse in every product, every collection and every moment. Because that’s the Niveau Difference. THAT’S Niveau Labs.

Experience the Niveau Difference.