Niveau™ Co-Founders know that lending a helping hand is about much more than just giving money to those living in poverty and poor health in Southeast Asia. That's why in 2015 Niveau™  Co-founder, Kevin Martin had relocated to SE Asia to personally oversee and work side-by-side with the people facing this poverty-stricken part of the world.

Based on its principle mission of giving people an opportunity to thrive in life through nature, Niveau™ has embarked on a personal journey to make a difference in SE Asia. By working with local groups and being an active participant, Niveau™ is committed to helping people, especially children, reach their fullest potential through creating educational opportunities, providing medical assistance and disaster relief and aid. Niveau™ will be there, ready and willing to help.

Niveau Charitable Causes


Niveau Educational Programs

Education The best-laid plans lack value if children lack a proper education. One of Niveau’s missions lies in increasing education in SE Asia. This includes helping children get the school supplies they desperately need. This simple act, taken for granted in the West, can mean the difference between becoming an impoverished adult or rising like a Phoenix from the ashes. Of course, an education is only as good as the bioavailability of nutrients in growing children. So, Niveau™ takes extra steps to provide meals, supplies and if necessary, children and families can receive scholarships to pay for school costs. In addition, Niveau™ has created a mentorship program, providing real-world instruction as well as education in the classroom.

Medical Assistance

Niveau - Medical Assistance

SE Asia has felt the burden of medical problems for decades. In 2015, the World Health Organization released a preliminary report summarizing the state of medical illnesses in SE Asia. Shockingly, the area has an astounding rate of tuberculosis, a disease almost eradicated in the West. Meanwhile, the rate of disease from malnutrition, HIV, malaria, influenza and cholera continue to permeate the region, leading to astronomical medical costs for families. Niveau™ is up to the challenge, helping people cover medical expenses for children facing serious illnesses or complications. No parent should have to watch a child die, and Niveau™ is working tirelessly, on the ground, to bring these diseases to their knees.

Disaster Relief and Aid

Niveau - Disaster Relief

SE Asia is a part of the world that tends to be overlooked when natural disasters occur. The area’s increasing annual rate of rainfall has triggered some of the most devastating mudslides and flooding in modern history, especially in Sri Lanka, where more than 400,000 people have been displaced in 2017’s heavy rains alone. Faced with uncertainty in the world’s climate and politics, the rate of disasters is likely to climb. But, relinquishing the region to a dark fate IS NOT ACCEPTABLE. It is with a heavy heart that Niveau™ is working to reduce the burdens created by Mother Nature, war, disease and more by providing immediate disaster relief and aid. While some are always lost during a disaster, the heart of Niveau™ Products’ Mission is to not let them go in vain, keeping them in our memories by helping others and filling our hearts with hope. Niveau™ will be there to help rebuild infrastructure and provide food, shelter and medical care.

Thank You for Your Support

The reality of standards of living is reprehensible in SE Asia, but it is stoppable. As Niveau™ Co-Founder, I vow to be there, on the ground, whenever needed, giving all I can and being a positive role model for those wanting to help the people of SE Asia reach for a better tomorrow. Every purchase, every interaction and every bottle of Niveau™ sold contributes to this cause, and I promise to be there and tackle the burdens faced by the people of SE Asia. It is a part of the world with unmatched beauty and many friendly, loving people. Rather letting my heart break for them, I will put my heart forward in my own gambit to show what helping others really looks like. Thank you for becoming part of my mission, Niveau’s mission and the mission of the world to leave a lasting, beneficial mark in today’s generation and those of the future, long after our time.