“As a reconstructive surgeon, I stress how beauty begins on the inside, where cellular health is most important. Antioxidants wear away at collagen, and everyday stressors further contribute to poor cellular integrity, function and health. Cell membranes rely on a delicate balance of nutrients and essential fatty acids, including Omega-3s, to retain moisture and survive. So, Niveau Labs’ products pick up where the diet and natural bodily processes fall short. From boosting cell health and functionality to reducing the effect of stress on the body, Niveau products help the body and skin live.

I know Niveau products follow science and fact, not hype and superstition, to produce youthful, radiant and healthy skin. Using Niveau products, beauty really does come naturally. Boosting supple skin, hydration, cellular health and the body’s own process of tissue regeneration, Niveau™ products really do make beauty and health come naturally.”

Alberto Gallerani M.D.
Alberto S. Gallerani, M.D.

Board Certified Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeon

"Many beauty products are unreliable, but Niveau Krill Oil turns that idea on its head. The formulation of astaxanthin, phospholipid omega-3s, added vitamins and beta-carotene provides superior anti-aging benefits without extensive surgery and lengthy recovery. Meanwhile, its natural, cold-press harvesting enhances purity and potency, and its Antarctic roots eliminate the risk of toxins being included in this oceanic beauty breakthrough.

Niveau Krill Oil results in a rapid reduction in fine lines, wrinkles, and deep furrows. In addition, it dramatically reduces the appearance of dark spots and inconsistencies in skin tone. Designed specifically to benefit women’s physical and mental health, I recommend this product to my patients, family and friends for its anti-aging properties. In my expert opinion as a health care professional, it’s a natural, whole health and beauty regimen in a single pill that does not come with the aftertaste or risks associated with fish oil."

Doctor Testimonial
Allen Gonzales, M.D.

Aesthetic Dermatologist